Ocean Ships

Our new, small ships travel to over 400 ports across all 7 continents. Crew members work for 6 months, followed by 2 months off.
Discover life on board our Ocean & Expedition ships
Provide friendly and twice daily housekeeping services to all guests staterooms, and cleans public and crew areas.
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Assistant Chief Housekeeper
  • 1st Housekeeping Assistant
  • Stateroom Steward/ess
  • Assistant Stateroom Steward/ess
  • Hotel Utility / Custodial
Laundry Provide clean linen to support operations, cleans crew uniforms and guest clothes to Viking Standards.
  • Laundry Master
  • Assistant Laundry Master
  • Washer Specialist
  • Dry-cleaning Specialist
  • Senior Laundryman
  • Laundryman

River Ships

Our award-winning small Longships explore rivers in Europe, Egypt and Asia, operating primarily from March until December. Crew members work from 6 to 10 months, allowing for longer breaks during the offseason.
Discover life on board our River ships
Housekeeping Provide friendly housekeeping services to all guests staterooms, and clean public and crew areas.
  • Housekeeper
  • Stateroom Steward/ess
  • Housekeeping Trainee

Application process: what to expect

Learn more about what we look for at Viking–minimum requirements for onboard roles and what you need to apply
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A day in the life
"Working for Viking is just more than a good experience, just more than happiness. When you realize this deep connection with the Viking family, everything is perfect."

Yoana - Stateroom Stewardess

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