My Viking Career Journey


Travel Consultant, Direct Sales, Call Center

I joined Viking in September 2009 and I work as Sales Consultant in the Call Center. My morning routine involves checking emails and voicemails to stay updated, then preparing efficiently for the day ahead. I primarily interact with customers on the phone, and my main responsibilities are to initiate cruise sales, promote upgrades and research trips that best suit our guests’ needs.
Is there a specific aspect of your job that you enjoy the most?

I love talking about the different places guests will visit including topic like the history, culture, food and getting them excited for their journey.

What is it that you do that you wish more people knew about Viking or your department?

I wish more people knew how much effort we put into our work to ensure sure guests have an enjoyable experience.

Do you have any advice or tips for someone who is interested in exploring a similar role as yours?

Viking is an excellent company to work for with great benefits and coworkers. With any sales role, you can't let "no" negatively impact your attitude for the next call. Also, an interest in travel and exploration really helps, but it is not necessary—working at Viking has increased my interest.

Can you share an example of a recent success or achievement in your role?

I am celebrating my 15th year at Viking in September.

Do you have any go-to routines or activities you love outside of work?

​​​​​​​I love being outside and try to get out any chance I can. I enjoy taking my dog out, exercising and going out to eat with friends. I also love cooking and traveling as well.