What sets Viking apart from other Mississippi cruise lines?
  • Growing in the US and abroad: The Viking Mississippi is one of 90+ ships we operate on Rivers & Oceans around the world
  • Better Benefits: Mississippi crew members receive the same benefits as our corporate employees in our US offices
  • Competitive compensation: We strive to offer some of the best pay in the cruise industry in the United States
Set yourself up for a lifelong career
“When I heard that Viking was adding cruises in the US, I was excited because I knew I could boost my career by learning their high quality standards, while staying close to home." - John, Bartender

Your hospitality career will thrive at Viking. Learn our signature approach to award-winning service while building your network of hospitality professionals.

Know more about life on board

Crew members typically work a 6-weeks-on, 2-weeks-off rotation, with up to 13 weeks off annually
You must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident (green card holder) to work onboard the ship, as required by federal regulations
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Plenty of benefits to ensure your wellbeing

Paid training program Learn skills and the Viking approach to premium hospitality services
Health, vision, dental insurance
Viking pays for and provides more, better cover with lower premiums
Full-time employment Even during your weeks off between rotations, you still maintain certain benefits
Referral program
Know great talent like you? We reward you for helping us build our team
Loyalty & Seniority bonuses
Earn bonus pay as you spend more time on board with Viking and advance to senior roles
401k Savings plan where Viking contributes with a matching program
Free WiFi
by Starlink™
Unlimited use of the high speed Wi-Fi connection
Crew-only recreation
Private crew deck atop the ship and dedicated recreational activities
Free joining ticket
Travel to and from the ship will be organized and paid for by Viking
Free uniform and equipment
We provide, wash and maintain clothes, shoes, technical equipment
Build the skills you need to succeed
Our working environment on board is collaborative and team oriented. We also offer in-person training and coaching for all roles through our Viking Academy to help you advance rapidly in your career
Discover open job positions
to join our Mississippi crew