My Viking Career Journey


Trainer, Training, Corporate

I joined Viking in February 2013. I am currently a Training Specialist with our Training Department. My primary focus is our Contact Center, but sometimes I work with our Corporate staff as well.
Is there a specific aspect of your job that you enjoy the most?

Every day at Viking presents different opportunities and it definitely keeps things interesting. I'm motivated by the positive impact our trainings have on our team members as well as our team members’ success, but it is the people I work with that I enjoy the most. I am grateful that they go above and beyond to help our staff explore opportunities and realize their full potential. With support from our leaders, Viking's collaborative training culture ensures that we can expand our knowledge, passions and achievements together.

What is it that you do that you wish more people knew about Viking or your department?

Our trainers are truly committed to providing the support our staff need to develop and succeed at Viking. We are always willing to help guide our team by understanding what motivates them and by helping them develop productive and fulfilling careers. While sometimes challenging, it is also gratifying to work for a company that is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the world of travel.

When I wear a Viking shirt in public and people share how impressed they are by our onboard staff and consultants, I feel proud to be associated with a company that operates at a high level of excellence.

What is something unexpected or interesting that happened recently, last week or last month?

In the last few months, I have been called to travel abroad and train Viking's onboard crew members and international staff. Traveling has helped us strengthen connections and align our company standards between our Contact Center staff and our shipboard colleagues. I also recently travelled with fellow colleagues to South Africa, where we trained our service partners. Whether through Familiarization trip or business trips, Viking has broadened my horizons through travel.

Do you have any advice or tips for someone who is interested in exploring a similar role as yours?

If you have a passion for learning, helping employees thrive and exploring the world, then Viking is definitely a company where you can make a difference. Being a trainer involves a lot of research, preparation, and effective communication but also a commitment to self-improvement and growth in emotional intelligence. Understanding our colleagues' various motivations and skills requires adapting training and coaching so everyone has an opportunity to succeed. Anyone who is interested in joining our training team should foster an appreciation for Viking's products, processes, and people (guests and staff).

Can you share an example of a recent success or achievement in your role?

I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary of being a part of the Viking family. As I reflect on a decade of service, I am proud and thankful for all the experiences and growth opportunities that Viking has offered me. I am just as excited to come to work as I was when my career here was just beginning.

What do you love most about working for Viking?

At Viking, I love working in an environment where I can contribute my talents and learn something new every day. There is so much opportunity to develop my work experience and my career. I find that Viking's innovative culture, where feedback from guests and staff is encouraged and valued, is one where we can all feel valued and appreciated. Viking is a company that recognizes each team member's strengths, growth areas, and success. Also, I've developed so many lifelong friendships among my colleagues and I can't see myself working anywhere else.

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