OCEAN - Lead Nurse


The Lead Nurse reports to the Ship’s Doctors onboard and to VIKAND for the overall operation of the Medical Center and the safety, welfare of the vessel.


  • Many duties overlap between maintenance of the Medical Center and administrative tasks.
  • Provide clinical leadership and direction to the members of the nursing team.
  • Provide orientation and guidance to all new nursing staff and participate/support in the orientation of a new Doctor.
  • Act as a clinical resource, orient and train all members of the shipboard medical team in the use and maintenance of all medical equipment.
  • Promote the importance of maintaining confidentiality of patient medical information.
  • Administrative Responsibilities
  • work collaboratively with the Doctor to ensure all applicable mandatory diseases or illness reporting is performed on a timely and complete basis, as required by flag state and port health authorities.
  • ensure applicable patient logs and reports are collected and maintained in the Ship’s filing system or Electronic Medical Records (if available).
  • provide administrative coordination of the day-to-day functions and operation of the shipboard Medical Center in collaboration with the shipboard medical team.
  • ensure routine preventative maintenance of all medical equipment is completed and records of such work are kept on board for audits and documentation purposes.
  • order medication and supplies to ensure that the Medical centers are appropriately stocked, while adhering to all budget guidelines and policies.
  • responsible for obtaining permission from the Medical Management Company for any purchases made outside the normal supplies requisition process.
  • provide oversight of scheduling and coordination of shore side medical appointments, disembarkations and medical “sign offs”.
  • provide administrative oversight of the process for reviewing Pre-Employment Medical Exams to ensure that all such physical exams are complete and filed correctly.


Stock and Inventory

  • maintain monthly inventory of medications and maintain all durable goods, require restock/replenishment, to maintain par levels and manage expired medications.
  • ensure all controlled substances are secured, dispensed and accounted for, in accordance with Flag state requirements, company policies and applicable Port Authority regulations.


Medical Center Maintenance

  • manage service and maintenance requests for the equipment in the Medical Center.
  • oversee and participate in the completion of all equipment and supply checklists including daily, weekly and monthly checklists.
  • maintain a schedule for routine operations, i.e., Crew training, potable water testing, hand checks of all food handling Crew, First Aid Kit checks, Medical Center inventory, inventory of expired medications, requisition of weekly office supplies, acute gastroenteritis (AGE) log and equipment calibration and validation etc.


Communicable Diseases Management

  • Ensure the medical center is equipped with the sufficient amount of PPE and outbreak supplies to be able to manage any type of communicable diseases onboard.
  • Ensure the nurses are adequately trained in Outbreak prevention, management and the wearing of PPE for each type of outbreak.
  • Assist the Doctor in managing with the Ship’s Senior Officers any outbreak, reporting to the Captain and Medical Management Company ashore
  • Ensure Vikand Medical Management are kept appraised of the outbreak.
  • Ensure the medical team and stretcher team use PPE’s correctly and conduct fit testing. Ensure the medical wipe down all equipment after use.


The following duties are to be shared between the Lead Nurse and Nurse under the direction and instruction of the Lead Nurse:

  • Ensure that all Guests and Crew are treated confidentially.
  • Maintain all Medical Center hours as agreed upon with the Doctor.
  • Share on-call duties, with the on-call nurse carrying the Secondary Medical Facility key and the elevator key.
  • Conduct training in conjunction with the Doctor.
  • Be familiar with and be competent in the operation of all equipment in the Medical Centers, including all Emergency bags, SOPs and Medical Forms, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) if installed.



  • dispense appropriate over the counter medications and assist in dispensing prescribed medications, if necessary, as directed by the Doctor.
  • ensure medication is dispensed in an accurate and safe manner, with appropriate warnings and precautions reviewed with the patient.
  • be familiar with the indications, side effects and precautions to be observed for all medications dispensed, including emergency medications in use onboard.
  • counsel Guests and Crew and verify their understanding of the use of any medications provided.
  • report any expired medications to the lead nurse and doctor.


Administrative Duties

  • keep the Doctor informed of all medical matters regarding Guests and Crew.
  • maintain accurate records of all aspects of guest and crewmember medical management.


Medical Center Maintenance

  • ensure that all surgical instruments are appropriately sterilized and ready for use.
  • responsible for conducting water testing as directed by the lead nurse.
  • specific duties include: First Aid Kit checks and refill, filing of PEME’s / loading of PEMEs into the EMR system if installed.


“As for conditions — in terms of contracts, special benefits and vacations during the season — Viking is far above average within the industry.”

Job Segment: Nursing, Medical, Gastroenterology, Supply, Facilities, Healthcare, Operations