OCEAN - Bottle Keeper / Asst.Prov. Master





You ensure the F&B storage area is kept clean and in proper conditions. You are the responsible for the management of all the Beverage Stores.



  • Assists the Provision Master in supervising the issuing of goods and participate in it.
  • Assists the Provision Master in implementing and executing proper maintenance and cleaning procedures in all storeroom areas in order to ensure good appearance and conditions of these area.
  • Direct responsible for the work planning and schedules for all the employees.
  • Assists the Provision Master in the overall direction, supervision of all employees assigned to the F&B Storeroom operation.
  • Assists the Provision Master when loading and landing of goods. He participates physically in the storing of goods.
  • Checks the condition of the goods and the storage of the goods in order to meet with the health and sanitation standards.
  • Responsible for the management, cleaning, storing and maintenance of the Bottle Store.
  • Responsible of checking that physical quantities of bottles present into the store are exact and corresponding to MXP before and after the issuance to Bar Department.
  • Reports to the Provision Master if found any discrepancies on the inventory list.
  • Assist the Provision Master in counting of goods.
  • Reports any malfunctioning equipment or furnishings in need of repair or refurbishing to the Provision Master.
  • Responsible when the Provision Master is not present and takes care of the F&B Store operations

Supervisor: Inventory Manager

Receives instructions from: Hotel Director, Inventory Manager, Provision Master, 



  • Shipboard experience in the applied role is Essential
  • Required to speak, read and write in English in an Advanced level in order to understand and interpret written procedures. This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms.
  • Thorough knowledge of storeroom operation and storing procedures.
  • Thorough knowledge of food & beverage products
  • Familiar with all departments and their functions within Hotel / Food & Beverage operations.
  • Must have extensive experience within shore and ship based food & beverage operation.
  • Additional duties, not mentioned here, will be expected as per management request.



Job Description • Contract • Company Rules and Regulations • Onboard ABC • Viking College • Uniform Regulation • Executive Chef Manual




“As for conditions — in terms of contracts, special benefits and vacations during the season — Viking is far above average within the industry.”

Job Segment: System Administrator, Technology