OCEAN - Head Cleaner





As a Viking Shipboard Leader, you represent Viking’s values and leadership philosophy (Hávamál). You are a hospitality professional who demonstrates passion for excellence, who takes ownership for your areas of responsibility, and who believes in empowering your team with the skills, knowledge and tools to succeed. You are an exceptional role model for the Viking Family and have strong motivation to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. You are flexible, stress resistant, focused, and a truly committed team member.



  • The Head Cleaner must be familiar with the entire food operation and assist the Kitchen Steward to supervise and maintain the cleanliness and functionality of all galley outlets, pot & dish washing machines, and adjacent food areas.
  • You are required to provide proper training/guidance to all Galley Utilities.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain a friendly, guest-oriented service culture to ensure Guest satisfaction and repeat business, which in turn, will increase revenue and profitability of the company.



  • Clean and store kitchenware in the assigned Galley Lockers.
  • Ensure that equipment loss and damage are minimized and report any damages to the Kitchen Steward or record the damages on the breakage list; support and supervise the dish wash areas during peak hours, to prevent loss and breakage.
  • Ensure the Day and/or Night shift team maintains proper storage methods and monitor the consumption of chemical and cleaning materials.
  • Ensure the cleanliness and working condition of all day and night-shift cleaning and washing equipment and utensils and report any damages or malfunctions to the Kitchen Steward.
  • Ensure that the Day and/or Night Shift Team segregates garbage correctly, as per the pulper operation and supervision and Viking’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and ensure that staff are supervised and trained, accordingly.
  • Ensure that all galley outlets and adjacent areas comply with Public Health Policies and Procedures, at any given time.
  • Keep the Kitchen Steward informed about day and/or night cleaning duties and potential operational issues.
  • Inspect and replace all passive monitoring traps inside food production areas and report pest sightings to the Public Health Officer.
  • Be familiar with the Human Resources Manual & Shipboard Training; have an in-depth understanding of the working hours policies & procedures; be familiar with work schedule hours/week of the whole Cleaning Team.
  • Lead and support a multi-cultural team, maximizing crew satisfaction, productivity and retention; meet with Team Leaders on a daily basis for “The Daily Reunion”, to provide feedback & operational updates as well as to ensure that your department is performing to Viking’s STAR Service Standards.
  • In conjunction with the Kitchen Steward enforce specific job responsibilities to all key personnel working under the direction of the Head Cleaner and establish the manner and means to train personnel.
  • Provide competent leadership to all direct reports.
  • Ensure you always wear the appropriate and task specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required for your duties onboard. Always use correct lifting techniques to prevent injuries. 
  • Uphold impeccable grooming standards within your team at all times by complying with Viking’s Image and Uniform Standards.
  • Ensure that company property is appropriately secured and protected, especially during rough weather conditions, in order to prevent unnecessary loss or damage.
  • Have full knowledge about safety & security procedures and operate in line with all Public Health, Environmental and Safety & Security Policies; participate in all training concerning onboard training, safety & security, fire prevention, evacuation exercises as required by the company.
  • Assist the Executive Chef and Kitchen Steward with any tasks and needs relating to the galley operation. This document describes the primary activities, duties and responsibilities of this position. Your manager or supervisor may assign additional duties and responsibilities to you.



  • Professional experience as a Kitchen/Hotel Steward or similar position, within a 5 Star hospitality and/or restaurant environment is preferred.
  • Must be physically fit and in good health, without any previous record of any medical problems, drug addiction and alcoholism.
  • Fluent in English - must have excellent English communication skills to clearly interpret and orate documents and to effectively communicate with Senior Management. The ability to speak additional languages is an advantage.
  • Must have experience in leading multi-cultural teams; flexible, stress resistant, committed team player; strong administration skills are preferred and must be proficient with PC based databases, spread sheets, word processing systems and AVO.
  • Guest-focused, service-oriented, positive personality, professional appearance and impeccable hygiene standards are required, with excellent knowledge of all Public Health Policies; team builder with exceptional work ethic, motivational skills and coaching abilities.
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. (30 Kilos) on a daily basis and be able to work a ten of eleven hours per day, seven days a week; must be able to stand on feet for a long period of time.



Implement Standard Operating Procedures & STAR Service Standards within the department.

Ensure appropriate appearance and clothing according to the updated Grooming Standards.

The company reserves the right to change/extend this job description if necessary, at any point of time during her/his employment.



Position:                   Head Cleaner

Supervisor:              Executive Chef, Kitchen Steward

Direct reports:          Galley Utility

Line manager:         Kitchen Steward


“As for conditions — in terms of contracts, special benefits and vacations during the season — Viking is far above average within the industry.”

Job Segment: Medical, Custodial, Housekeeping, Public Health, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing