OCEAN - Kitchen Steward





Supervise and maintain the cleanliness of all Galley Outlets, Pot & Dish Washing Machines and adjacent areas assigned to the Food & Beverage Department. Ensure that Maintenance Requests are posted, efficiently communicated and followed up with the respective departments. Assist the Executive Chef in any tasks related to the Galley Operation. Comply with USPH rules and regulations.



  • Must be familiar with the entire operation and have full understanding USPH Rules and Regulations.
  • Must monitor the daily working hours of all Galley Utilities of its accuracy and check all entries.
  • Ensures that subordinates follow their schedules and produce the required tasks as per job descriptions on a daily basis.
  • Control the garbage segregation as per Company’s Policies, train staff accordingly.
  • Ensure that assigned crew are well groomed and in proper uniform when reporting for duty.
  • Maintain a fluent communication between his/her subordinates and peers alike.
  • Train and motivate staff accordingly.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of all galley Storage Areas (Galley Locker, Chemical locker, cleaning lockers)
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and working condition of all Cleaning and Washing equipment, must report any damages or malfunctions to the Executive Chef / Executive Sous chef.
  • Providing all Galley Outlets with the necessary Cleaning Material & Chemical on a daily basis as required.
  • Monitor chemical consumption and cleaning materials.
  • Avoid the loss and breakage of equipment.
  • Supervise and assist the dish wash areas during the peak hours to prevent Equipment Loss and Breakage.
  • Must have all outlets ready for any announced or unannounced Public Health Inspection, either done by the Food & Beverage Director or local authorities.
  • Must be familiar with all relevant events regarding the F&B operation to ensure that all venues are set on time: kitchen tables, cooking demo, juice station, galley tours, etc...
  • Assist the Provision Team during Loadings.
  • Must keep the Executive Chef informed regarding the night shift cleaning operation and any performance issues.



  • Participates in safety drills according to instructions.
  • Complies with safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures.



Reports to: Executive Chef / Executive Sous chef

Subordinates: Head Cleaner / Utility Cleaner






Basic Schooling education or better; must be proficient with Word, Excel and computers in

general. Previous experience in Hotel Stewarding Department.


Language requirements

Must be able to communicate effectively in written and verbal English and possess good

mathematical skills. Other languages are considered a plus. Ability to communicate with his Head of Department and subordinates alike.



Job Description • Contract • Company Rules and Regulations • Onboard ABC • Viking College • Uniform Regulation • Departmental Manual

“As for conditions — in terms of contracts, special benefits and vacations during the season — Viking is far above average within the industry.”

Job Segment: Public Health, Inspector, Kitchen, Healthcare, Quality, Night, Operations, Hospitality