OCEAN - Tailor/Linen Keeper





The Tailor is responsible for repairing crew uniforms, guest cloths and all Hotel Department linen. 



  • Maintain the threads, buttons, needles etc. at par level at all times. Order supplies as needed.
  • Repair any torn or damaged linen for the Hotel Department.
  • Repair/alternate guest cloths.
  • Make alterations to any company issue uniforms as required.
  • Re-generate replacement linen from soiled and damaged items, for example, pillow covers and cleaning rags from damaged towels.
  • Carry out repairs on soft furnishings to extend the life of such items where possible.
  • Minor repairs of curtains and drapes.
  • Assist with all linen inventories.
  • Assist with the issuing and checking of steward supplies.
  • Maintain and keep all equipment and the surrounding working area clean.
  • Ensure that work hours are followed, and that duties are carried out safely and effectively.
  • Comply with onboard safety procedures
  • Assisting hotel storekeeper with all uniform requisitions and inventories
  • Assisting inventory manager and stores team with loading
  • Assisting hotel storekeeper with management and distribution of crew uniforms


Supervisor: Inventory Manager

Receives instructions from: Hotel Director, Inventory Manager, Hotel Storekeeper, Corporate Operation Manager



  • Required to speak, read and write in English in an Advanced level in order to understand and interpret written procedures. This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms.
  • Thorough knowledge of storeroom operation and storing procedures
  • Good knowledge of cruise ship operation.
  • Familiar with all departments and their functions within Hotel / Linen operations.
  • Expert in tailoring operations.




Job Description • Contract • Company Rules and Regulations • Onboard ABC • Viking College • Uniform Regulation • Executive Chef Manual


“As for conditions — in terms of contracts, special benefits and vacations during the season — Viking is far above average within the industry.”

Job Segment: Sewing, Tailor, Fashion, Manufacturing