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Newcomer training
If you have the Viking attitude but lack cruise or hospitality experience, we are still interested in working with you.
During this 2-5 week program, you learn more about the position and gain skills to work onboard one of our river ships. Upon completion, you will be considered for an onboard crew member role.

Please note that we can only accept applicants who are eligible to work in European Union.

Face-to-face trainings

Everyone on board a Viking ship, regardless of level or years of experience, participates in trainings to develop their career in hospitality.
Service Standards
Our signature training program that covers how we expect our crew members to create an outstanding guest experience and for fellow crew members on board.
Structured programs to shadow those with more experience and learn the skills for the next level up as you prepare to be promoted.
Step up
As you progress and prepare to transition into management (e.g. from Waiter to Assistant Restaurant Manager), you’ll learn how to confidently and supportively lead a team.
Dedicate time to consolidating your skills as an inspiring and effective leader.
Nautical Viking offers various training programs for everyone from newcomers to Officers develop their nautical careers. 
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Blue Water Academy The Blue Water Academy is a program for Officers with seagoing experience interested in a career in inland navigation. Thanks to this program you will learn all the skills you need to work onboard our river vessels.
Prepare for your voyage Our digital library for self-learning activities will help you get ready to board, live and work on a ship. Once onboard, you can continue to access the library to brush up on existing skills or study new topics.