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What an ideal candidate looks like for the Call Center departments

Todd Hicks
Human Resources Manager,
Human Resources & Administration, Corporate
What are some key qualifications and skills an ideal candidate should possess for Viking’s Call Center’s departments?

It is important that candidates have experience that relates to the role, a high level of integrity and the ability to accept positive feedback in order to continue improving.

Should candidates have industry-specific experience or are transferable skills valued more?

Industry-specific experience is great but transferable skills are more valuable.

Can you describe briefly what the various Call Center departments are like and helpful background for the candidates to possess?

Sales Roles: Commission based sales background- achieving and exceeding metrics

Customer Service Roles: Customer service in a customer focused environment

Air Planning Departments: Customer service in a customer focused environment. It is helpful for candidates applying to the Air department to have experience using an airline reservations system.

What should someone expect in a Call Center role?

Adequate staffing is critical when it comes to working in any call center, so it is important to that our phone agents are able to adhere to set schedule.

Patience is also important. Agents must take the time to listen and properly service calls.

Are there any unique qualities in the Air Services department you can describe to a job seeker?

Answer pending, add text here

How important is the ability to adapt and learn quickly for the Call Center or Corporate roles? In what ways is this helpful for their day-to-day?

It is extremely important. The travel industry is always subject to changes and fluctuations without notice and a successful employee should be able adapt as needed.

If you have two candidates who are both qualified from a skillset and experience standpoint, what would make you choose one over the other?

The person who shows they are most adaptable to changing situations and who demonstrates a higher sense of integrity.

​​​​​​​What do you love most about working at Viking?

The people! The kindness and willingness to help each other is something not often seen. Also, as a company with over 4,000 employees it still feels like it is a small organization.