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Grow with Viking

We believe continuous learning is the key to fostering growth and going further together.

Challenge your limits,
​​​​​​​be exceptional

Wherever you are in your career, there is always room to enhance skills and gain new expertise. 

Viking creates an environment where you feel supported, motivated, confident and well prepared to be your very best. 

We go the extra mile to help you grow and develop to achieve your full potential.

We set you up for success

Our dedicated training team will equip you with all the skills and knowledge that will empower you to do your best work.

New employee training -​​​​ job specific

During this training, new employees participate in classroom sessions focused on Viking’s rich company culture, our unique approach to sales and Viking’s service approach, followed by an on-the-job training, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Ongoing training

Continued education is crucial when it comes to understanding Viking’s products and itineraries. In between regular duties, employees will receive role-specific training to ensure their skills are maintained and developed. Whether it be improving in-depth negotiation skills for sales, communication for guest service or receiving policy refreshers, Viking is committed to supporting Call Center employees.

Personal growth

Personal growth is encouraged through a series of development programs. Call Center employees can earn badges and certifications to master fundamental business skills such as: communication, mentorship, coaching and much more!

Professional growth

Viking invests in employees’ professional growth. Call Center employees are encouraged to communicate with leadership often to develop a professional plan for their career path. As part of this, Viking focuses on the unique talents, skills, and ambitions of each employee, performs regular performance evaluations and provides leadership training.

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